Pets in the Classroom

Petland's love for animals coupled with a love for community has led us to partner with the Pet Care Trust to help provide teachers with funding to bring the benefits of Pets in the Classroom. The Pets in the Classroom is an educational grantprogram that helps public school teachers get an aquarium or small pet habitat set up in the classroom. These grants are available for Pre-K through 8th grade teachers.

The benefits of classroom pets are numerous. They help teach responsibility, encourage nurturing, build self-esteem, and stimulate learning.  They enrich the classroom experience and provide new ways for students to engage in education.  And they allow students who may not have a pet in their home life have the opportunity to experience these benefits and make a new animal friend.

Through the Petland Pets in the Classroom grant, teachers can obtain a grant for the purchase of new pets, pet environments or pet food and supplies forexisting classroom pets by simply filling out an online application.  For more information, click here.