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Petland denounces Puppy Mills

(CHILLICOTHE, Ohio, January 20, 2012) – Petland, Inc today reaffirmed its policy prohibiting the sale of any puppies from substandard breeders. Animal rights groups have increasingly attacked puppy breeding operations they have labeled as “puppy mills.”

While the label of “puppy mill” is not subject to uniform definition, Petland is strongly opposed to any puppybreeding operation that disregards the health and well-being of breeding dogs or their puppies.

Brian Winslow, Director of Animal Welfare Education for Petland, explains that “Petland has a policy that limits Petland stores to the sale of puppies that come from one of the following sources: (1) breeders that are licensed with the United States Department of Agriculture and that have not had any direct violations on their most recent inspection report; (2) small hobby breeders; and (3) local rescue and adoption puppies.”

Petland’s goal is to provide customers with a wide variety of pure-bred, designer-bred and mixed-breed puppies that are certified as healthy by a licensed veterinarian, well-socialized, and ready to go home with their new family.

Petland is strongly opposed to puppy mill operations that provide substandard care and conditions with little or no regard for the health and welfare of the animals.

“Petland has a long history of raising the standards in the pet industry and Petland has never supported substandard breeders,” says Elizabeth Kunzelman, Director of Marketing and Communications for Petland.

In addition to requiring United States Department of Agriculture licensure and reviewing USDA inspection reports, one of the tools used by Petland to avoid substandard operations is the maintenance of an internal “Do Not Buy List” that is intended to alert Petland stores to individuals that may seek to sell puppies to a Petland store, but that fall below Petland’s standards. Petland remains committed to working with federal, state, local and other organizations to educate breeders on proper animal care.

Like its customers, Petland as a company and its employees are animal lovers committed to the proper treatment of animals and animal care education. Petland is proud of our nearly 45-year history of introducing young children and families to a lifetime of responsible petownership.

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