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Tips for that perfect Holiday Pet Picture

(Chillicothe, Ohio, December 3, 2014) – The holidays are quickly approaching and people everywhere are preparing their homes and families for holiday festivities. One of the most popular pre-holiday activities is snapping the new family photo for the Christmas Card or Social Media. And pet owners everywhere are getting their pets in the holiday spirit with some festive portraits. While some people prefer professional photographers, it’s just as easy to get a great picture of your pet at home if you have some patience and follow these few tips:

1. Groom
Sprucing up your pet for the holiday season begins with a good brushing. This will remove loose hair and any tangles. For long-haired pets, follow up with a steel pinned comb to make sure all knots have been removed. Once your pet is brushed, it is bath time. Do not be tempted to use your own hair care products on your pet. Doing so can dry out your pet’s skin and cause irritation. Petland recommends that shampooing is followed by a conditioner or moisturizing treatment. Pets with medium to long hair especially benefit from this treatment as it keeps their fur tangle free and soft. As temperatures drop this winter, our pets are susceptible to dry skin and fur. The conditioning treatment can help combat these cold weather troubles. Find a safe place to bathe your pet. Be sure to use pet-safe shampoos and conditioners. Towel dry and then use a hairdryer on a low-heat setting to fluff and primp.

2. Dress Up
A little holiday bow or sweater can be a nice touch or maybe your pet looks great in reindeer ears. Just remember to supervise your dressed-up pet so they don’t try to chew it or become tangled.

3. Grab Your Pet's Attention
Use a toy, treat or noise that they respond to. Make sure you are taking the picture during a time of day when your pet is relaxed. If your pet is anxiously awaiting a walk or playtime, they may not cooperate or sit still.

4. Get Low
The best photos are taken at your pet’s eye level.

5. Camera Ready
If your pet isn’t used to a camera (or smartphone) in its face, make sure to practice by getting close with a camera (or smartphone) and taking some shots to familiarize your pet with the process.

6. Use Natural Light
Try to avoid using the flash as it usually is not flattering for the pet and the light can startle them.

7. Capture Your Pet's Personality
Taking the photo with a beloved toy or in their favorite place can help you reveal their true personality.

8. Think Fast
Use a fast shutter speed or high-speed film to capture your favorite pose.

9. Keep Photo Sessions Short
Pets will become distracted and you will become frustrated so keep your sessions quick by being prepared with everything ahead of time (bed, toy, background, etc).


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