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Exo-Terra Reptile Terrariums
Exo Terra continues its tradition of developing innovative and creative products for the natural terrarium and its herpetofauna.

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Fluker Farms
Fluker Farms has been breeding feeder insects for over 50 years, and breeding reptiles for over a decade. We have used our breeding experience to give us the insight to produce quality, cutting-edge products for the beginner and the most advanced reptile enthusiast.

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Tetra Aquariums
Tetra manufactures hundreds of products and publishes books for aquarium fish keeping, reptile and amphibian keeping, and water gardening.

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Zilla Reptile Products
From concept to completion, we strive to design and produce the best products to meet the specific requirements of your pets. 


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Zoo Med Laboratories
Zoo Med introduced the first American reptile vitamin in 1982 and never looked back! Today the company holds 8 reptile product patents and 9 aquatic product patents in the USA and internationally with more pending.

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