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8 in 1
Founded in 1888, 8 in 1 is not only among the most enduring pet products companies in the world, it's one of the most multi-faceted.

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CareFRESH® Pet Products
CareFRESH® supplies wholesome natural diets for small pets, as well as safe, low dust bedding bits.


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CritterTrail Products
We are passionate and committed to offering innovative products that enrich the pet ownership experience.


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Kaytee Pet Products
Kaytee is an industry leader and one of the largest marketers and producers of food for pet birds, wild birds, and small animals.


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Living World
Living World’s extensive line of food, hays, treats, supplements, bedding, litter products, cages, toys and accessories are designed to appeal to the natural instincts of pet birds and small pets.

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Habitrail OVO
For over 30 years, Habitrail has built a solid reputation for developing creative and reliable ways to house hamsters safely. There is nothing like Habitrail. 


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Vitakraft Sunseed Pet Products
Generations of caring and expertise, all natural product lines, and fully fortified foods and premium products for healthy pets.


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Super Pet Products
Small animals and pet birds bring joy to our lives and make wonderful members of our families. With some affection, the right care and the help of Super Pet’s innovative products, you will be bonding with your pet in no time!

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