Pets for a Lifetime!SM Policy

Petland recognizes that its customers have the best of intentions, planning to exceed their pets' basic needs with love and proper care for a lifetime. Occasionally, circumstances arise making it difficult for pet owners to keep their lifetime promises to Petland pets. In these cases, Petland Pet Counselors encourage customers to let Petland help find a new home for their Petland pets. Assistance at Petland may include posting flyers in the store and at associated veterinary clinics, making pet placement calls and informing Petland Pet Counselors, who in turn will spread the word to friends and family. Petland's goal is to see that no Petland pets end up homeless or burden an animal shelter.

Puppy Resource Kit

Petland puppies go home with Puppy Resource Kit. This free, comprehensive dog training program includes a DVD on puppy training by a professional canine behavior specialist, a free canine behavior training membership and a free help-line for dog owners with canine behaviors that are not addressed in the provided educational materials. The resource kit also includes information on local pet care specialists and coupons for savings on pet care products from Petland.