Your Pet's Health

Pet’s Four Basic Needs

Petland is the retail pet industry leader in the area of animal care with ongoing staff training programs, in-store animal husbandry systems and community service programs aimed at placing homeless pets and curbing pet overpopulation in the community. The health and well-being of our pets comes first for all of us at Petland and it is our goal to share that knowledge with our customers so they can raise happy, healthy pets.

All pets have four basic needs that need to be met in order for them to be happy and healthy:


All pets have instinctual behaviors that are integral to their quality of life. Providing appropriate products and training will keep your pet's life enriched.


Whether it's a birdcage, training crate or hamster den, providing the appropriate habitat and accessories (bowls, perches, bedding) for your type or breed of pet is essential to your pet's feeling of safety and well-being.


Taking care of the animal's grooming needs and keeping its environment clean and well-maintained is vital in preventing unwanted infections or disease.


All pets have different nutritional requirements and understanding basic nutrition needs supplemented with healthy snacks, treats and vitamins helps to ensure proper development and growth through all of their life stages.

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