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AquaClear has been making the world’s best-selling clip-on aquarium filter since 1978. Its success and longevity are a result of consistent design quality.

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Aqueon offers a full line of premium aquarium products designed and formulated by hobbyists to benefit the health and well being of aquatic life.

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Blue Ribbon
Blue Ribbon Pet Products is Americas leading trusted source of unique, creative, beautiful and entertaining decorations, air pumps and tools for your home aquarium.

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Fluval is a world leader in quality aquatic products. Fish-hobbyists everywhere have depended on Fluval’s reliable technology and great design for over 35 years.

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Today, that spirit of innovation is alive and well at Marineland. You can find it in products as diverse as the Magnum® canister filter and the revolutionary Advanced LED Lighting Systems.

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Tetra manufactures hundreds of products and publishes books for aquarium fish keeping, reptile and amphibian keeping, and water gardening.

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