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Petland responds to HSUS’ report

(Chillicothe, OH, September 16, 2019) – Petland was made aware of another ‘undercover’ investigation by the Humane Society of the United States regarding an independently-owned and operated Petland store in Frisco, Texas.

The ‘investigator’ was employed for only six weeks and the claims made by her and promoted by HSUS are irresponsibly inaccurate and clearly uneducated:

  • She makes multiple claims that the puppies are sick and have not been seen by a vet. The store has a consulting veterinarian. EVERY puppy is examined upon arriving to the store and the vet visits weekly for any follow up checks.
  • Overcrowding: Once again HSUS shows a picture of puppies housed TEMPORARILY DURING A QUICK CLEANING PROCEDURE.  The picture also clearly shows the kennel next door being cleaned.
  • Malnourishment: The investigator is clearly not a licensed vet. Food intake is monitored daily by the kennel staff and the consulting veterinarian visits weekly. Breeds like Rottweilers and Weimaraners have sudden growth spurts, but it is not an indication of malnourishment.

  • Finally, the investigator makes blatantly inaccurate and libelous assertions that a rabbit was placed in the freezer while it was still alive, with absolutely no first-hand knowledge or proof. This is absolutely not true. This type of allegation is unacceptable and demonstrates the depth to which HSUS will go.

    Additionally, Frisco Police and Animal Services both investigated the allegations and made frequent, unannounced visits. The report dated 9/13/19 not only stated that Petland has been cooperative and working with Animal Services, but also that “Frisco Police investigators, who are working alongside Animal Services officers, have not found any evidence that meets the Texas statute for cruelty to animals.

    At Petland, the health and welfare of all our pets is our number one priority.  We work closely with and take direction from respected, professional animal care personnel such as veterinarians, and local, state and federal animal agencies, all of whom frequent our stores and inspect our operations.

    This continues to be a tired ploy from HSUS and is unfortunately expected as they try to meet their end-of-year fundraising goals. Petland finds it hard to comprehend that an organization that claims to care about the welfare of animals continues to participate in activities that purport to document the suffering of animals while doing nothing except wait until they have enough for a story. This is not good animal welfare.

    Regardless of HSUS’ recent history, legal problems, and downgraded charity status, Petland has continued attempts to have meaningful dialogue with them and, rather than engage in our open offer of productive discussion, they continue orchestrating exaggerated public “Gotchas.”

    HSUS is a politically-oriented fundraising group that is out of touch with the animal world.  HSUS has demonstrated they lack acceptable ethics and has lost their place as a credible source to those who truly put animal-welfare first, evidenced by their ‘D’ rating from Charity Watch and being dropped by the Better Business Bureau. We can’t imagine the number of animals that could be helped if they spent just a quarter of the energy and money they use targeting regulated sources of pets and instead, focused on true animal welfare.

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